Just for Today Reiki began in January 2021. Started by Sue Crielaard and Dave Cyr, to provide a space for new Energy Healers and Reiki Practitioners to get started.

There is a large demand for Reiki Treatments and classes. As students began to graduate, the issue became one of space. Starting a Reiki Business in your own space can be costly, and as many students discovered, it is less than ideal to run a practice out of their own homes.

With affordable rents, we've had a variety of Practitioners come through while they were deciding how to form their own businesses.

Just for Today Reiki offers a Mentorship Program to the tenant business owners to assist with many of the topics of running one's own business. The other benefit to this program is a forum to discuss spiritual questions that arise during treatments with clients (without disclosing private information of course).

The Mentorship group supports each other while getting business off the ground, share ideas, collaborate, and share marketing tasks and ideas. Its always provided a very supportive atmosphere where everyone holds space for one another, often through interesting dilemmas.

The space is professional, clean, and also feels very safe and homey with a kitchen built in. It offers classroom space for small groups to learn Reiki or other spiritual or wellness modalities. From Chakra classes, to book clubs and open houses, Just for Today is a wonderful space to receive a treatment, sign up for a class or workshop, or meditation, and work out of if you are inclined.

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